Dr Matthew England

Coventry University

Research Centre for Computational Science and Mathematical Modelling (CSMM), co-Director

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Dr. Matthew England

I am an Associate Professor in Computer Science, a doctor of Mathematics, an HEA Senior Fellow, a Fellow of the IMA, and a professional member of the ACM.

Since April 2015 I have worked at Coventry University. I am primarily based in the University Research Centre for Computational Science and Mathematical Modelling (CSMM) where I serve as co-Director. I also teach students in the School of Computing, Mathematics and Data Science (CMD).

My research is mainly in the area of Computer Algebra / Symbolic Computation, in particular, Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition and Quantifier Elimination. I am interested in fundamental algorithms, and applications particularly in bio-chemical reaction networks and economic reasoning. I am also interested in the application of data science and machine learning to improve mathematical software.
In the past I also produced research in Integrable Systems, in particular, Abelian Functions.

I have been PI for funded research projects including the EPSRC DEWCAD Project, the EU H2020 Project SC2, and an EPSRC Project on Embedding Machine Learning in Quantifier Elimination Procedures. From 2012-2015 I was the Research Officer for the EPSRC funded project Real Geometry and Connectedness via Triangular Description at the University of Bath.

My ORCID ID is: 0000-0001-5729-3420. You could also see my Coventry University Pure Portal Entry.

I mainly teach on modules in programming and theoretical computer science. From 2017-2019 I was the Course Director for the MSci in Computer Science degree which I developed. From 2020-2022 I was the Research Degree Leader for PhD students in our research centre.

Email: Matthew dot England at coventry dot ac dot uk

PhD / PostDoc Positions

Current MRes Students

Iqra Jillani: Curbing Poverty through Sustainable Energy: Smart Communities Transitions

Current PhD Students

Rashid Barket: Machine Learning Technology to Improve Symbolic Integration and Simplification in a Leading Computer Algebra System
Abiola Babatunde: Exploiting domain structures in heuristic algorithms for the set covering problem
Tereso Del Rio Almajano: Using Machine Learning to Improve Quantifier Elimination Procedures
Daniel Flood: Measuring, Understanding and Improving Engagement in Programming Teaching
Ahsan Mohamed Mafaz: Embedded System Design for Automated Pandemic Response Tools
Colin Stephen: Discrete merge trees, horizon visibility graphs, and topological divergences

Current Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr Amirhossein Sadeghi Manesh: The DEWCAD Project.


When I have funded PhD opportunities I advertise them openly on university website and sites like findaphd.com. When I have funded postdoc opportunities I advertise on jobs.ac.uk. If there are no adverts advertised then there are no open positions at the moment.

We also have a number of opportunities for students who have access to their own funding, e.g. from the government or an industrial sponsor. If you have your own funding and want to discuss opportunities please get in touch. Current self funded projects include: Machine Learning to Improve Groebner Basis Construction.



In 2024 I am a member of the ISSAC 2024 Program Committee, and the SC-Square 2024 Program Committee. I am also organising a session in the ICMS 2024 conference, on Machine Learning within Computer Algebra Systems to which we invite contributions!

In March 2024 I was appointed to the editorial board of Springer journal, Mathematics in Computer Science.


Pleased to report that PhD student Colin Stephen passed his viva in December 2023 with a thesis titled, Discrete merge trees, horizon visibility graphs, and topological divergences

As of January 2023 I have been appointed the co-Director of the Coventry University Research Centre for Computational Science and Mathematical Modelling.

In 2023 I will be PC Chair for CASC 2023. I am also on the PC of the SC-Square Workshop.

Starting 2023 I am the External Examiner for the MSc Data Analytics course at Aston University.


As of February 2022 I have been made the Deputy Director of the Coventry University Research Centre for Computational Science and Mathematical Modelling.

In 2022 I will be PC Chair for CASC 2022. I am also on the PC of the SC-Square Workshop; and I am one of the organisers of Dagstuhl Seminar 22072: New Perspectives in Symbolic Computation and Satisfiability Checking.


I have been appointed to the ISSAC Steering Committee to represent SIGSAM, for a two year term starting 1st July 2021.

I have been elected to the role of Treasurer of ACM SIGSAM for the term 1 July 2021 – 30 June 2023.

In 2021 I will be PC Chair for CASC 2021, and an invited speaker at the SC-Square Session of SIAM AG21. I am also serving on the PC of the 2021 Maple Conference.

I have been appointed an Associate Editor of the new journal, Maple Transactions which publishes refereed expositions on computer-assisted research in mathematics, applications, and education. The journal is open access but without page fees (it is sponsored by Maplesoft and Western Libraries).

In Jan-May 2021 I will teach the new CU module 6008CEM - Advanced Programming Paradigms covering Functional Programming in Haskell and SAT/SMT Solvers with Z3.

In Jan 2021 the new EPSRC DEWCAD Project officially starts.


As of April 2020 I am the Research Degree Lead for PhD students in Data Science at Coventry University.

As of January 2020 I am a founding member of the new Coventry University Research Centre for Data Science (CDS).

In 2020 I will be PC Chair for CASC 2020 and an invited tutorial speaker at ISSAC 2020. I am also running two special sessions at ICMS 2020 and serving on the PC of SYNASC 2020 and the 2020 Maple Conference.


As of August 2019 I have been promoted to Associate Professor in Computer Science at Coventry University.

In 2019 I will be co-PC Chair for CASC 2019; and co-Chair of the Tools and Software Track for MACIS 2019. I am also serving on the PCs for SC2 2019, and SYNASC 2019 (Symbolic Computation Track).


I am leading EPSRC Project EP/R019622/1, Embedding Machine Learning within Quantifier Elimination Procedures, starting July 2018. The project funds:

I was a lecturer at the SAT/SMT/AR Summer School 2018 in Manchester, UK.

In 2018 I was on the PC for ISSAC 2018, CASC 2018, CICM 2018 (Calculemus Track), SC2 2018, AISC 2018, and SYNASC 2018.


As of August 2017 I have been promoted to Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at Coventry University.

In Summer 2017 I joined Faculty Research Centre for Flow Measurement and Fluid Mechanics at Coventry University.

In 2017 I was: Calulemus Track Chair for CICM 2017; general co-Chair for SC2 2017; and co-Chair of Track 1 for MACIS 2017.
I also served on: the PC for the Symbolic Computation Track of SYNASC 2017; the PC for CASC 2017; and Publicity Chair for ECCAD 2017.


I am involved in the SC-Square Community and am P.I. for Coventry University on the accompanying EU H2020 FET CSA Project.


Starting April 2015 I have a new job as Lecturer in Computer Science at Coventry University.

In January 2015 I was appointed as the Information Director of SIGSAM.

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